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FCL Opportunities

The Forager Complexity Lab seeks collaborations and support from scholars, students, professionals, and citizen scientists. Some of the ways you can help the Lab advance forager complexity research or your own archaeological training can be found below.

Graduate student opportunities

Interested in making a career out of hunter-gatherer, quantitative, Andean, or evolutionary archaeology? Dr. Haas is currently accepting applications for motivated students to study one or more of those topics. Visit the UC Davis Department of Anthropology website to learn more about the program and how to apply.

Research assistantships

We are seeking motivated graduate and undergraduate students to assist with research tasks such as data collection and management. There are several potential opportunities that can be tailored to your interests. Please Dr. Randy Haas for more information.

Archaeology Field School

The Forager Complexity Lab offers hands-on student training in archaeological field methods through the University of California, Davis Archaeology Field School, which is offered annually during the summer. Visit the UC Davis Archaeology Field School website to learn more about this year’s program and how to apply.

Citizen science

We welcome volunteer support from citizen scientists. Opportunities include data gathering, data management, archaeological excavation, artifact curation, and public outreach. Please contact Dr. Randy Haas to learn how you can help advance forager complexity research.

Archaeology field school students Esme Grundy and Alex Campbell-Gray excavate at the Archaic Andean sites of Wilamaya Patjxa.