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    Old News

    08 November 2018 The genetic prehistory of the Andean highlands 7000 years BP though European contact published in Science Advances. See media coverage at

    28 June 2017 Humans Permanently Occuppied the Andean Highlands at least 7 ka published in Royal Society Open Science. See the following news summaries:

    18 May 2017 In the Billings Gazette, Archaeologists uncovering ancient peoples’ widespread use of mountains. Special thanks to the sypmosium organizers, especially Larry Todd and Bonnie Smith for the tremendously successful event.

    12 April 2017 Join us on May 4 in Cody, WY for public talks at the Recent Advances at High Elevation Symposium hosted by the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

    06 Jan 2017 Permanent human occupation of the central Tibetan Plateau in the early Holocene published in Science. See coverage by Nature News (Hunters lived on Tibetan plateau thousands of years earlier than thought), Smithsonian Magazine (Footprints Found at Ancient Hot Springs Could Represent Earliest Settlement of Tibetan Plateau), and University of Wyoming News (Research Sheds New Light on High-Altitude Settlement in Tibet).

    13 Nov 2016 Experiment.com campaign funded! Title: How do humans cooperate in large-scale game drives? Documenting wild vicuña drives in the Andes. Sincerest thanks to the contributors.

    30 Aug 2016 European Neolithic Societies Showed Early Warning Signals of Population Collapse. published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. See coverage by Business Insider, (This is what it looks like when society collapses) and Phys.org (Statistical study offers evidence of warning signs before Neolithic community collapse).